• La vinothèque de Bordeaux
    - an institution -

LA Vinothèque

The Cottin family and Dubos are proud to have been selected by Frank Lagrue to take up the reins of this Bordeaux institution. 

La Vinothèque is the oldest and largest retail shop in the heart of Bordeaux, the world’s wine capital and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 


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an extensive selection

La Vinothèque offers an extensive selection of Bordeaux wines at all prices for enthusiasts and collectors, as well as wines from every region of France and the world, plus a magnificent range of champagnes and spirits.


The development of our website www.vinotheque-bordeaux.com has given France fans from all over the world direct access to the wines of La Vinothèque de Bordeaux, as well as to a full selection of primeurs.