• DUBOS specialiZing
    in bordeaux wines
    - FOR OVER two centuries  -

This pillar of the Place de Bordeaux is
now run by the children of Philippe
Cottin, who spent his entire career at Mouton
Rothschild with Philippe and Philippine de Rothschild. 


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Robert Cottin

The relationships which Robert
has been fostering since his youth enable
exclusive access to the most prestigious
estates, as well as allowing the discovery of
gems from more modest winemakers.


Emmanuel Cottin


Emmanuel has immersed himself in Asia ever since his studies
and was one of the pioneers developing Bordeaux wines in this region.
He speaks Japanese and has established Maison Dubos as a key player.

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Guillaume Cottin

Guillaume, the youngest, has taken up the reins
of the historical and traditional markets in Europe,
including France which is home to one of the family’s treasures:
the Vinothèque de Bordeaux. 





MArtine Cottin

Martine has followed in the footsteps of the Cottin family
and her father Philippe and devoted her efforts to the US market
where she has lived for 25 years, starting a family there and becoming
a US citizen.


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